¿Are Social Networks Social Today?

First of all, I want to say a big thanks to all the people, — family, friends, acquaintances — who support me: attention to what I do helps me to move on.

I use social networks and share my works and thoughts with you for the third month — before this, I actively used social networks one year ago, when I lived in the Saint Petersburg city, and even earlier — seven years ago. A lot has changed — and the exchange of interesting information turned into a hunt for «likes»: «like», if you liked it; «like», if you watched it; «like», if you are a person. «Like», «like», «like».

¿But what is the meaning of «likes», if nobody really cares, what you are doing?

I really want a response for what I do — and, first of all, not because of the «likes», but because it is interesting and important for others; although social networks are very important for spreading thoughts, ideas, and creativity nowadays, I am not going to just duplicate all my materials in all popular platforms — instead, I divided everything I share and create into separate blocks and chose one platform for each of these blocks.

I am going to publish one block — in English and Russian — every day: I see more sense in it rather than in publishing all the materials at once in one network and simply duplicating these materials in another. ¿Besides it, isn’t it more interesting and more convenient — to receive information gradually and follow only what interests you the most?