Vavn Dorokhin — Sorry, Friend

Throughout my entire adult life, I tried to help people in the same way, as my parents and other caring people helped me — unselfishly and sincerely. To someone, I offered help myself, and someone begged me about it.

I lost days and weeks — and sometimes months and years — in an attempt to help these people — even those, whom I called my „friends“ — in everything I could, but only a few of them did the same for me.

Now, I understand, that helping them with everything I could was my decision, and I am not going to blame anyone for this. But after receiving this experience, I no longer want to spend my time on those, who took my help for granted or did not even turn his face, when I needed help.

You are on your own.


I met him
At the evening, when he was sitting
On the bag with injured arms and wish to see the world around,
So I said:
«Don’t worry: you can count on me; I help you with your stuff,
So we can go together for now.»

A wind was great, we’ve seen a lot of new things;
With the food we had, there were no worries or needs.
But these are goods times, and I knew,
That we should know each other in bad too.
I’ve started to wait and asked a question like this:
― ¿A month has gone — your arms are fine,
So can you help me taking bags you gave..?
― ¡Wait a minute! I so want to do it, but I’m still weak.
¿Will you help me, my friend?
― ¡Sure, I will!

The wind has changed, we went through mountains and fields;
We spent these days just having bread and enormous need.
And still I tried to share with him no matter what,
But asked this:
«¿Will you help me, friend? I gave everything I could.»
― Hm… ¡Sure, I’ll do!

I met you
At the evening, when you were sitting
On the bag with injured arms and wish to see the world around.
You didn’t
Need to worry: you could count on me; I helped you with your stuff,
So we could go together for now.

But a year has gone. Your arms were fine
From the moment we met — you’ve tend to use me, so…
¡Wait a minute! I so want to help you more,
But sorry, friend…
You’re on your own.

(Vavn Dorokhin — Sorry, Friend)