The New Chapter

Three and a half months have passed — for some, this period of time may seem insignificant, — lived and forgotten — but for me, it was full of joy and bitterness, its successes and failures, and from some — full of eloquent promises and cowardice with weakness as the result.

The absolute majority of the days from this period have been lived in a monstrous rush: in order to not to remain with nothing, I had to run in slush and through loose snow. Being late meant minus one opportunity to gain valuable experience so necessary for plans, ideas, and dreams.

But being in the state of the monstrous rush for all your life is impossible — and not necessary. Every rhythm of life has its consequences.

And the longer it lasts, the more obvious the consequences are.

My consequences — stepping over piles of clothes on the floor: I fell into such a whirlpool, that I could not even find the time to cope with it — even though there was the time.

The amount of uncompleted deeds increased with a frightening progression, and agreements were recalled in memory at the last moment — although this could have been avoided from the very beginning.

It was a very tense and very interesting period after the start of my new life — growing a personality in yourself. It is time to move on — right now.