The Importance Of Planning — Does Not Matter, Where

At the first time, I wanted to publish this post on Sunday. Then, I decided to prepare it properly on Monday. After Monday, it was decided to do it on Tuesday.
Today is Wednesday, and this is directly connected with the main theme of the post.

Three days ago, I took part in the open workshop — by getting to know about it a couple of days before the start, I immediately decided, that I would definitely go there…

No, I want to tell about it in another way.

It was the eighth of March — I was with my parents and thoughtlessly spent my free time after two days without sleep and unfulfilled plans to record a new song in the studio. From the moment of the publication of my first video, I began to feel like a squirrel in a wheel: any material needed to be published now, at any cost, in an incredible rush, or, as a last resort, it needed to be finished later — manage, share, spread, repeat. ¿Of course, the development was noticeable — but should it really be realized by publishing at the last moment and sending mass messages to dozens of people asking them to watch and review a new video or post instead of finding out, — firstly — how are they?
There were too many unanswered questions, and I felt, that if I will continue to share my work in a thoughtless rush, I can burn out. ¿Planning turned out to be necessary even in creativity — but how to manage everything in advance and not to lose opportunities, which appear suddenly?

With these thoughts, I was scrolling through the news feed — and noticed the news: on the tenth of March, the «BSG Film» video production team comes to Samara to organize the open workshop on the subject of producing, directing, and working with the corresponding American standardized documentation.

I stopped: this definitely was not something, that I wanted to skip; since the moment of coming back from the Saint Petersburg city, I really missed such opportunities. In addition, the organizers of the workshop launched a competition — it was necessary to be inspired by your hometown and prepare and shoot your own visual concept consisting from a couple of photos, which could form the basis of an image video. The winner would receive a «secret and unbelievably useful gift».

The decision to taking part in the workshop was made immediately — and on the next day, I was going around the entire historical center of Samara and taking photographs of every detail, which might seem interesting.

I wanted to show Samara as the city of contrasts through a mix of pre-Soviet, Soviet, and post-Soviet era architecture.

At the beginning, I decided to capture the city without a person participating in it.

The buildings from pre-Soviet and Soviet eras.
The buildings with different geometrical forms.
The buildings with different amount of people living in them.

And then – how people coexist in it.

The legendary Soviet-era car and the old building.
The pre-Soviet buildings and the Soviet-era tram with modern cars.
The pre-Soviet era church with the factory in the background.

By choosing and sending three photographs most related to the concept, I could only wait and predict, what the workshop will be like. ¿Will the workshop be as interesting and promising, as it is in the description to it? Will I be able to get answers to my questions and start planning my time more efficiently?

Fortunately, my hopes were justified: during six hours of the intensive training, I learned about the detailed stages of pre-production, production, and post-production, effective assignment of responsibilities during the whole work, budget spreading, establishing harmonious relations between the client and service representatives, the main artistic components in a video, types of shots, and, what turned out to be the most voluminous, the principles of working with all main — really, all — American standardized documentation.

If I had photos, I would definitely publish them here — but I was sitting in the front row and writing down absolutely everything, that could be useful to me while working on personal and collective projects; I even forgot about shooting. ¡But one collective photo has been made — just look at these emotions! For real, it was awesome.

¡The workshop did not answer and basically could not answer to all of my questions — but by receiving very valuable knowledge and communicating with people, who love the field of their work, relate to it professionally, and openly share information, I have understood very important thing for myself — I am glad, that I do producing, develop myself in it, interact with interesting and diversified personalities, and share my ideas and thoughts with people! The opportunity to create is the great happiness, and if I want to share my work not with dozens, but with hundreds and thousands of people, I need to treat this accordingly — with all responsibility and planning. ¿Want others to treat your works seriously? Treat their creation doubly seriously — and it does not matter, whether it will be shooting a video or preparing a blueprint of a building. Mere love for work is not enough — planning, analytics, and estimating are also needed.

By the way, I received a «secret and unbelievably useful gift» for my visual concept — as well as valuable tips and recommendations on how to make the next concept better. ¡From the team, I received all the necessary electronic documentation necessary for working on any video project  — and yes, this gift is really unbelievably useful for me! I am going to carefully study all the received documents and make my own versions based on them later — and, using these documents and the visual concept, make a video about Samara.

Thanks to the «BSG Film» team and personally to Masha Zhemchuzhina for the workshop: such opportunities encourage development and striving for more despite any circumstances and obstacles, that surround people. For me, this is the real education.