The Last Three Months

Two weeks ago, it has been the fifth of April — and it means, that three months has left till the year of starting my new life. From that moment, it was a lot of happy and sad moments, a lot of achievements and failures, and a lot of invaluable life lessons — but I still think, that using the current system of thinking and resources, I am able to achieve and create much more, than I have at the current moment.

This three months started with the broken phone — I was very upset and angry about wasting my time with it and losing lot’s of opportunities to meet with my parents, so I have been unable to control my emotions and threw my phone on the floor with all the force I had; when I picked the telephone up, the screen have not already displayed colors correctly, so I threw it a couple of times more. When I realized, what I have done, it was too late. I lost my weekly income — ironically, earning money was part of the reason, why I was losing opportunities to meet with the parents.

It was the last reason, why I decided to rethink how I spend my time. During this period of two weeks, I had experienced a lot of things:

  • I broke my phone, so I could not call anyone and get information for almost a week — on the other side, it helped me to come back to balanced life, in which I did not have to be available in social networks 24/7. After the accident, I firstly started to think seriously about optimizing environment around me — including devices I use — to boost my productivity and get more things done as a producer.
From left to right: my first simple phone, which I bought to not use smartphone; my last smartphone, which I broke; my last simple phone, which I had to use because of the force-major.
  • I spent a half of a day in working on the audio session that was faulty from the beginning.
  • I was fooled by several people, including the person, whom I have known for several years.
During my waiting for people, who fooled me, including the person I have known for several years.
  • During the same day I have been fooled, I got to know another person better, whom I wanted to meet with several months ago, when the concept of «reqProm» was only beginning to evolve, and spent time very well with him and all his friends.
  • I started to do rehearsals of my music, as I strictly decided, that I want to achieve much more in this field during the last three months.
The place, where I started to do my rehearsals.
  • I started to record my music with the reconstructed methodology for achieving the best results: after I published the «Sorry, Friend» song, which got about three thousands views, I have not published anything similar till then: I worked hard on the «reqProm» producing service. But now, it is time to move on and continue to care about my art as well.
The place, where I started to record my music.
  • I also shot a part of the new video about how to use smartphones for boosting productivity of a person and helping to achieve much more as a producer for the «reqProm» service — it will be published in a week or two.
The photograph of me during shooting of the video for «reqProm» about smartphones usage.

My life transformed so drastically, that me «then» and «now» became two very different states.

I became interested in the human side of art, when I was thirteen years old — I sang the «(Good Riddance) Time Of Your Life» song by «Green Day» in front of fifty people. I was very nervous at first, but it felt amazing at the end.

I became interested in the technical side of art, when I visited the first seminar lesson on audio recording in the Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications multimedia center — I partly wrote about it here. At first, I knew almost nothing about audio recording — several months later, I earned my first serious money by recording other people in the university studio.

For the last nine months, I experienced a lot of things — but I have never forgotten about my love for creating; my first experience both in the human and in the technical sides of art; my story as a producer.

I feel, that I experienced enough to start to share my art with the world seriously: my life story is typical, but my approach and actions will make it unique.

After so many years, lots of thoughts, and much more trials and errors, I have finally found out, which spheres of life have the most importance for me.

And I am happy, that I have written all the previous blog posts, because they helped me very seriously in finding my direction of living — even if I was the only one, who was writing and reading all these posts: first of all, I have done it for myself. Now, I will share it with you too — because I am feeling ready.

During the rehearsal of my songs.