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I decided to show you, what I see almost everyday — it is not the reason to stop, but the reason to start to achieve, what you want. I want to become a producer, create art, and share it with all the world.

¿It is important to be authentic, and it feels so good to do things you love, but… how would I like to have an impact? By living in the Samara city — the average place in Russia. ¿What do I want, what can I achieve here?

I asked these questions for so many times, that I have already lost on count. Now, I think differently — I know, that I want and I can become a producer, I can create art and share it with all the world, and I can show others, that they can become producers too — inspite of the environment they live in.

¿What do I want to say? Somebody may even ask: «¿You are feeling so special about yourself, huh?» No, I do not — I am pretty average guy living in the pretty average city, but I am shure, that it is far better to live — to explore, to get, to give back — and not just exist.
Yes — after these trials and errors, achievements and failures, I can and I will share my art; share, from where to begin and how to become a producer — by my own story. It is not about age, nation, or location — it is about the environment, relevant knowledge, and your true will.

During my lifetime, there were several people, that influenced me. Thank you, Jacque Fresco, for your thoughts, ideas, and life path. Thank you, the «Rise Against» band for your approach to creating art and expressing your thoughts through it. Thank you, Ed Sheeran, for your success story as a musician and how the world fame has not destroyed you.

All of them expressed themselves by raising practical topics with the goal of changing public outdated opinion about them by all the possible ways. All of them are down-to-earth, inspite of the fact, that all of them achieved everything on their own.

¿So, why can not I? I can. And you can too, my friend.

(Vavn Dorokhin — 15 15)