Thank You: You Gave Me Experience

I want to appeal to everyone, who cares about what I do — and who cares about me.

¡I want to thank you for your attention, support, and comments on my experiments, suggestions, and work, that I shared with you! This allowed me to try out a variety of ideas — I wrote a series of personal text recordings, drew a little bit, made interesting photos in various places, composed and recorded a couple of songs in two languages, took a few different — simple and complex, of different formats, in English and Russian — videos, and then also took part in an interview in which I was not the interviewer, but the one who was interviewed.

You have shown increased attention to some of the works, while other works have gone unnoticed. I was analyzing your reaction to each post, that I shared with you, and took into account all your comments — and this month, I gathered all the experience together and devoted this time to studying planning, creating, and promoting content, by critically analyzing everything, what I have done, currently doing now, and I am going to do next.

Tomorrow, I will share something new with you — I have never released materials of this format. I intend to record them, because I decided to become a producer and record my history of becoming the one.

¡I am glad, that many of you enjoyed the introductory video — «15 15»! In it, I wanted to show, that I am fully ready — and, from now on, to be not only heard, as in «14 14».

I share all the works with you in two languages — English and Russian — on purpose: nowadays, English is very important, and if I have the slightest opportunity to help you learn it, I want to use this opportunity. In addition, all the materials have a translation in Russian, and my videos even have subtitles in two languages — use this, it helps in learning English.

I always look with interest on your reactions and commentaries to my work. I want to understand you better — I want you to have a response. Your reactions, commentaries, and subscriptions make my works better: I have more opportunities, and I begin to better understand, what you need.

¡Share your impressions, your opinions, answer questions, participate in discussions, share your works with me — let’s help and complement each other!

¡Postscript: if for some reason we have not communicated for a long time, write to me — I will be very glad to know, that you have something new!

I really appreciate, that I can live, and not just exist — and share with you.