Between Hampton Beach and Philadelphia

I made a stop at the Boston city, so I had a couple of hours before going to the Philadelphia city from the Hampton Beach. ¿But how to spend the free time?..¡Fortunately, I have not asked this question to myself — as I quickly realized, that I can visit the Boston Chinatown and the Boston Public Garden, make some comparisons and thoughts about it, and share all of this with you!

¿Probably, you want to ask me one question — man, where are we? And I can answer that, no problem here.
The thing is, that it is the middle of September, my working period is over, I accomplished a lot of goals I wanted to achieve — feeling very good, so I decided: «¿Why not? ¿Why not to take a trip to… China? ¡Yeah, China!»

Nah, I’m just kidding. Currently, I’m in Boston, so this place is the Boston Chinatown — you know, that the United States is just like bowl of, you know, salad. It has a lot of multicultural communities, including the Chinese community. So, because of the fact, that I have about — wait a second… — about two and a half hours left, I decided: «¿Why not? ¿Why not to take a trip to Boston with you — at least, Downtown? I’m near the Boston South Station — as far as remember, it is the Downtown.» So, I decided to take a trip, show you some places, and share my thoughts with you about these places, about some other stuff as well, so be ready: we are leaving.

The typical district at the Boston Chinatown.
The example of the social life.
The typical advertisements.
The skyscrapers. ¡And it is not even the center of Boston!
This venue reminded me of Broadway in the New York City.

I started my exploration from the Chinatown Gate — the entrance to the Chinatown district itself. While I was walking on the streets, I’ve seen a lot of Chinese shops and other venues.

The view from the entrance of the Boston Public Garden.
The view of the skyscrapers from the side of the Boston Public Garden.
The greenery.

After that, I decided to visit the Boston Public Garden — did not want to stay in «concrete jungles» like it has been in the New York City, and I wanted to compare the American parks and Russian ones, even the most widely known in both countries.

The Parkman Bandstand.

In the center, there is the Parkman Bandstand — today, it is used for concerts, rallies, and speeches. For example, Barack Obama — the forty fourth President of the United States — gave his speech from this bandstand in his 2007 presidential primary rally. This is how the nearby area looks like in the afternoon.

The greenery and the people around it.

This is the Soldiers And Sailors Monument and several different groups of people — someone is active, someone is calm.
Clean lakes and even public group yoga classes.

Another entrance of the Boston Public Garden. ¡Look at all these little old details on the gates!

Oh, of course, it’s my subjective feelings, but personally, I feel, that Boston is much more calm, than the New York City: you have a lot of parks, very peaceful atmosphere, and… One thing is the same — I have a lot of luggage with me, but this luggage is really different. Pretty uncomfortable, but still — at least, I can travel, and I can travel a lot, so… Keep going.

The George Washington Statue — its back view.
The place with the lake.
The George Washington Statue — its side view.
The couple walking in the Boston Public Garden.
The George Washington Statue — its front view.

This is the back view of the George Washington statue and what’s behind it.

The Arlington street near the Boston Public Garden.
The composition of three architecturally different buildings near the Boston Public Garden.
The photograph of the buildings from pre-Soviet and Soviet eras.
¡Just compare the buildings above with the buildings from pre-Soviet and Soviet eras, which I shot in March in the Samara city in Russia! The story connected with it is here.

And this is the buildings, activity, and life in general on the street nearest to the Boston Public Garden.

The Boston South Station Transportation Center.
The photograph of the lights of the skyscrapers near the Boston South Station Transportation Center.
The lights of the skyscrapers near the Boston South Station Transportation Center.

About ten minutes left before my departure to Philadelphia. Hm… And I want to share with you some final thoughts about this travel to Boston. I think, it was pretty interesting even despite of the fact, that it was not so long, you know, and we visited only the Boston Chinatown and some parks. Still, it was really interesting, because we could see a lot of different communities, interactions in the park, — you know, a lot of different groups — and this is pretty different from the most of the Russian parks, and I find it especially interesting, because it’s… it’s different environment, and I’d like to say, that I have some ideas because of this trip, you know. After I arrive to Philadelphia, I plan to travel more in this city, because Philadelphia is one of the oldest and one of the most important cities in the United States. It’s the capital city — the first capital city of the United States, and I also plan to communicate and interact with all of the different communities more, to work on my music projects, video projects as well.

Talking about my personal changes, I’d like to tell you and I would like to share with you, that I’ve transformed all my boundaries, I’ve transformed all my problems, which I shared with you while being on the Hampton Beach, into the positive experience, into the positive thoughts, positive results of analyzing this things, you know. And I realized because of this, — not thankfully to this, but because of this — I realized, that I’m really interested in the psychology: psychology of interactions between the people, psychology of relationships, and I achieved new goals, and I want to achieve bigger goals. Currently, — maybe, it’s… it is funny for you, but still — currently, I want to work towards the ability — building the ability, building the habit of setting your own personal boundaries, because I find it very important. I feel good now, but I think I should achieve much more — especially, in the field of personal boundaries, and I should eliminate my expectations of people, of events. And I think, that these… these things are the most important things, that I should work towards to. So, I guess, in about five minutes I will go to Philadelphia — it will be a wonderful trip, very interesting one, and I’m very-very lucky, because I will travel with you.

¡OK, time to pack!

(«Between Hampton Beach and Philadelphia»)