Vavn Dorokhin  — In The Beginning Was The Word

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If a person is not ready to speak, then there is no need to speak. If a person is not ready to share, then there is no need to share.

My life decisions and consequences over the past two years have made me ready for both the first and second.

In the beginning was the word. Then, the word became the text. Now, the text became the song.

In the beginning was the word
I wrote to myself — the amount of pain, had no exits left.
The word formed two, these two then formed four —
Then, my life on paper became the main work.

Shot the moment —
I could shoot myself but saved the photos.
¿From a shy bullied kid facing price of becoming real to a bold teen —
Remember, how it feels?

I feel beat of my heart,
Was extra nervous — closed eyes.
From the first songs I was singing in crowds
To the first stories I’ve been sharing live.

¿You are asking me, how I am, but if I ask you, how would you feel?
¿When you did the best, but people used you then?
¿When you try to find, what you’ve done wrong for them?
¿When you start to live in place you are foreign everywhere?
¿When you put aside your dreams, do not live but just exist?

I remember my main pain then:
They stabbed my soul, its killed, I’m weak, I think I won’t go through this —
But I breath.
My soul is alive — will remain so, be it stabbed a thousand times,
‘Cause I know, they know — I haven’t lied in a single word from the story of my life.
Everything came back — regret in time has come to them;
It didn’t come to me, and I’ll be fine.

In the beginning was the word —
And I’ve kept it.

(Vavn Dorokhin — In The Beginning Was The Word)