How I Became Myself — My Nineteenth Story

The first photograph, from which I started to document my life from time to time. The twenty third of August, 2018. Before this, I have made no photos of myself at all.

I want to share my thoughts after my last — the eighteenth — story in these four months with you. This is the story of my twenty three years of life.

Between Hampton Beach and Philadelphia

At the Boston Public Garden.

My second — shorter, much calmer, and nature oriented — trip between the Hampton Beach and Philadelphia, during which I visited the Boston Chinatown with the Boston Public Garden and made some comparisons and thoughts about it.

22 23

At the Hampton Beach seaside. Photo reflects my condition perfectly.

Theft of a hundred dollars, toxic work relationships, accessibility of the second job, bank bureaucracy… No, most importantly — total loneliness and collapse of my expectations. The best moment to share what happened with me during the first month…

I Have Done It, United States

Finally, on the Times Square. Tired after the three flights in a row, but so happy.

Yes, I have finally done it — after several months of hard work in order to achieve it, I am finally in the United States to gain an invaluable experience in both live and work…

The Trip To The Capital

The view towards the Kremlin near the Russian State Library — now, with me, what is much better.

Fortunately, I had some deeds to complete for two and a half days in Moscow, so I used the chance and decided to see Moscow through my own perspective for the first time — and share it via the blog post with the photographs and commentaries with you.

Thank You: You Gave Me Experience

Playing the synthesizer.

¡I want to thank you for your attention, support, and comments to my works! I notice your every reaction — by collecting all the experience, I critically analyzed everything I did, I am doing, and what I will do. Your activity makes my works better.

15 15

Lying on the synthesizer.

I decided to prove, that achieving your dreams is about the environment, relevant knowledge, and your true will — by my own story.

The Last Three Months

The photograph of me from Fil Yegorov's birthday party at the «MOON10» recording studio.

The blog post, which I wrote three months till the year of starting my new life — my last three months.