Between Hampton Beach and Philadelphia

At the Boston Public Garden.

My second — shorter, much calmer, and nature oriented — trip between the Hampton Beach and Philadelphia, during which I visited the Boston Chinatown with the Boston Public Garden and made some comparisons and thoughts about it.

Vavn Dorokhin — Expectations (Live)

During the performance of the «Expectations» song.

I recorded the live performance of my new song — «Expectations», putting and end to the psychologically very difficult period. I passed through it, became even stronger after this, and shared my feels with you — using the music and text.

Vavn Dorokhin — Spring (Live)

During the performance of the «Spring» song.

My latest performance of the «Spring» song at the «MoonTenStudio» recording studio made four months ago is finally available!
Yesterday, I felt, that it is the best time to share my performance with you.

22 23

At the Hampton Beach seaside. Photo reflects my condition perfectly.

Theft of a hundred dollars, toxic work relationships, accessibility of the second job, bank bureaucracy… No, most importantly — total loneliness and collapse of my expectations. The best moment to share what happened with me during the first month…

15 15

Lying on the synthesizer.

I decided to prove, that achieving your dreams is about the environment, relevant knowledge, and your true will — by my own story.

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During the process of shooting my first video.

The idea to shoot the video came to me suddenly, and it completely reflects my conditions at that time — the desire for sudden, but decisive actions.